Welcoming Our Legal Refugee and Asylum-seeking Neighbors!

In February 2017, KindWorks hosted a dinner for new refugees. In March 2017, KindWorks began our support of new refugee neighbors in our area by furnishing apartments for newly arriving families. Working with the three local  resettlement agencies (International Rescue Committee, Ethiopian Community Development Council and Lutheran Social Services), we prepare a warm, welcoming apartment home using donations of furniture, home good items, kitchen utensils, linens and much more from generous KindWorkers.

KindWorks also continues to work with the Asylum Seekers Assistance Project, providing  job readiness training.

Ways To Help:

  • Please consider a financial donation towards our Refugee Support Work. Whether $25,  $250 or $2,500, your donation will be used to help us provide beautifully furnished apartments and job readiness training in the future! 

  • Help with the next ASAP job readiness training July 10-14, 2017
  • We plan to restart apartment setups in late August. If you have furniture, quality used household goods and interest in helping set up, please hold on until then! 

Our past projects include:

  • A mother-daughter team led an apartment set-up for an Afghani family of 3 on July 11, in honor and memory of Bev Zeidenberg.

                   img_3493   img_3494

  • We furnished and prepared a home for a family of three women on July 5.

                              img_3264-jpg       img_3253-jpg

  • We completed an apartment for an Afghan family with a little boy on July 1. 

                              img_3215-jpg     img_3213-jpg

  • We prepared an apartment and got to meet the family on June 29! A fun time with awesome teen volunteers. 

                             img_3155-jpg     img_3166-jpg

  • We finished setting up another apartment for a refugee family from Iraq on June 19th.                                         img_3038-jpg     img_1653  
  • We completed an apartment on June 13 for an Afghan family.



                                   img_0626   img_0621  476e71a7-4d49-4c3e-8f0d-f29c26fc2d26

  • We collected Euros and sent them to Lesbos, Greece where feminine hygiene products for refugees staying in the camps there were bought and shared
  • A minivan full of extra clothing and household items collected at our Welcome Dinner were delivered to Mosaic, a non-profit in Virginia, who is shipping it all (and more) to a refugee camp on the Turkish/Syrian border!
  • We gave LSS the following items collected to share with their families who did not come to our Welcome Dinner:  laundry detergent, toothbrushes and toothpastes, towels, shampoos and conditioners, warm coats, mens suits, can openers and deodorants.
  • We kicked off our Refugee Support with a Refugees Welcome Dinner on Sunday Feb 26th
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